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RT Dock’s mission is to provide you with the best, fastest and most comprehensive local search experience possible. We’ve created RT Dock to conveniently bring together all of the best local content at your fingertips including Youtube, Wikipedia, Flickr and more. Download the application for free!


What Is RT Dock?

RT Dock is the free local search enhancer extension on the web. Once you download RT Dock for free and install it, you will be able to conveniently search popular local sites without having to open additional windows or tabs, going to multiple sites and then performing the same searches on each of them. One search and voila! The RT Dock browser application is and will always remain FREE to download and use. RT Dock is supported via text advertising.

How Does It Work?

Simply search and RT Dock results will appear at the top of the search results page. Enhance your regular search experience by clicking on any of the tabs on the right hand side and customized, local results will appear. It’s that easy!

  1. RT Dock’s proprietary technology searches top local sites content by passing on your searches anonymously to those sites, grabbing the results and then displaying those relevant local results all in one place.
  2. RT Dock seamlessly layers its results and ads above the search engine’s unaltered results, enhancing your search experience by making it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  3. RT Dock is invisible unless you search.
  4. Easily disable or Uninstall RT Dock directly from browser.

Does RT Dock store user information?

No, RT Dock does not store any personal information or browsing habits. RT Dock acts as a middle layer for your HTTP/S traffic and does transmit limited information about URLs visited and keywords in order to retrieve ads.

How much does RT Dock cost?

Nothing! It’s free to download at anytime for anyone.

Can you tell me more about the ads?

In order to continue to provide our users with new and cutting edge applications, RT Dock relies on minimal advertising. Our ads are relevant and unobtrusive text ads that appear below RT Dock enhanced searches. We sometimes partner with 3rd parties to distribute RT Dock. We clearly label which product we are part of. If you do not want RT Dock advertising, you must Uninstall the product that we have partnered with.

How do I download RT Dock?


What browsers is RT Dock compatible with?

RT Dock is currently compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

How do I uninstall RT Dock?

To uninstall RT Dock you can use following steps :

  1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Click "More tools".
  3. Select "Extensions."
  4. Click the trash can icon trash.
  5. A confirmation dialog will appear, click Remove.

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